Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tha Rivals! My favorite unused NPCs ;_;

Well, sort of used? They currently appear on the clans page:

The white haired guy was my concept, and the armor guy is 0_8's. I really liked some of the concepts for quests that came up with these two, but I haven't been working on Zomg for a long time now, so I'm not sure if there are still any plans to use them. I even made a wallpaper that was never released:

Sweet Shot's unofficial official name is Julian :O


  1. OMgosh combo post from reapersun & ethe!! yayyyy so good to see these, I've never seen them before :o

  2. The unofficial official Julian looks a bit like Natasha. xD
    If he is used I can see the GCD overflow with conspiracy theories as to their relationship~
    Oh, and squealing fan threads, of course.
    Everyone loves reapersun's bishies. @ 3@

  3. I like them a lot. Including the white haired Julian.

  4. I recognize them from the zOMG! opening, I think. '0'
    I can't wait to see them used, if they are... @3@
    Love your peoples' character design, as usual. <3

  5. GAIA: So many NPCs, so little time.