Wednesday, September 23, 2009

zOMG Hoodie Concepts

How about a break from RIG art? :P

Kokeshi kimono

Gnome Legion

Near the release of zOMG I got a chance to design some RL merchandise for Gaia Store. Unfortunately, I went a bit overboard on the hoodie designs and they were never used.

Some unlucky person had to open up my huuuuuge vector files and make something infinitely more feasible out of them, resulting in the merchandise currently available.


  1. I think if that art had been used, I would've been more inclined to buy one >.> Those are beautiful.

  2. AWESOME. I'm a guy, and even I want to wear that Kokeshi hoodie. <3

    PLEASE tell me these are going to be published and marketed. ^.^

  3. That Gnome Legion hoodie is wicked! :O *wants it*

  4. Awww...I would have bought a Kokeshi Kimono hoodie!

  5. I want the pink hoodie. That is so much more awesome than what is currently in the store.

  6. I would have bought a kokeshi kimono too ^_^ ...