Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Azrael Process

Initially, we didn't know what NPC was going to be used for the October RIG. We knew it was going to be something devilish, so I doodled a little:

Super girly
Lol Zack ?

Then reapersun/jenzee decided to use the cash shop items as a base for the NPC. Jenzee made these sweetass items:

Some initial sketches. The items weren't done at this point so I made up details as I went along.

Final Sketch, Photoshop

Many hours later. Jenzee also suggested adding the bloody wing (which is also an item that was added later?)


  1. Ooooh!! He is GORGEOUS! I really like that "girly" first version. Reminds me of Kira from Angel Sanctuary! I would have *DIED* if you guys made your own interpretation of Lucifer from Angel Sanctuary - he is GORGEOUS!! <3

    Thank you to all the artists involved in the Azrael RIG - the items are AMAZING. I wish I had the gold/money to buy them all!! :(

  2. Fufufu ~ I like all the sketchy-ness. <3
    I like the end result ~ :D <3

  3. In the future when you guys make items that have multiple pieces of armor (maybe not for ones with only 2-3 pieces but definitely for at least 4 pieces), can you please include a pose with all the armor pieces put together? It would really help us enjoy those items more often... Sometimes, especially with an EI, it's much too hard to get enough items to match but I would really like to equip a complete armor set from 1 item. It's a shame for those nice sets you come up with to be under-used for that reason.

  4. aww, I actually liked the super girly man XD haha.