Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love Charm fwooosh

Wahaha, postin on Ethe's head :P
My RIG art; special thanks to Fayren, Saka, Ethe, o_8 and Gem2niki for the other awesome characters!

Cirooo; I cropped his butt out so his expression would be more visible at the small size.
Roman you hipster, so gheyyy. Btw the scenes, all had lighting effects over them, so his hair really is black.
I added his tattoo D:
I spent so much time on this one but she still looks like a man D: And creepy at the larger size... IMO

Yeyyyy C: Ciro was done a little rushed after I did the other three, which is why he's in a slightly different style.


  1. Yay! I really love your art style!

  2. So...lady looks like a dude.

    Th' song don't work well that way!

    I like Mills he's very manly.

  3. Mills is my favorite o ////o

    I'd love to see more of him in the future

  4. And this after I swore up and down to the Mills fanthread that he couldn't be your work because you couldn't draw bara! If you could draw buff men correctly all along, then why are your drawings of Leon and Gambino always insufficiently beefy?

    TL;DR Reaper, I am disappoint.

  5. @yui-hime: I've been practicing! :O

  6. And now I look back and realize how bitchy that looks. :x Sorry!

    Glad to hear you've been working on it! Gaia may be chock full of bishounen, but after a few years I seem to have lost my taste for them.

    And I don't think Delilah looks particularly mannish. There's definitely something plain about her, but that gives her character. Sets her apart from "just another hot woman stereotype".

  7. Mills is hawt. <3

    On another unrelated note, I first thought that Delilah's hair looked like a mop (o.o). Then strips of bacon. Now it looks normal in my eyes. She's still a great character, though.

    Is that Takkun in the background?!

  8. @Masheroo - Yep, we have a new single mother NPC (well, I guess at this point she's not technically canon)

    On another note, Delilah doesn't look too manish to me. Her face might be a little too angular (was going manipulate the image on Photoshop and see if she looked better with a softer face, but I forgot how to do so o uo;; ) but who says a girl can't have cheekbones? XD

  9. lovely art reaper. btw, delilah be reading the lusty scoundrel, right? cuz that's my favorite book!