Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I didn't draw this!!

But I dunno where else to post it!!

So a few weeks ago at Fanime one of the guests was Mamoru Yokota; he was the animation director of Death Note among other awesomeness. A pretty versatile guy, and super nice!

I didn't go see him at his panel but as I was hanging around my artist table, I heard from Derlaine and Ethe that he had set up at a table in the back and was selling prints! I was like lolkaydowant and went over to check it out... And he was doing sketch commissions!?!!?! I hung around and watched for awhile with Ethe and then we got ballsy and decided to ask for something! Ethe totally bailed like a wussface but I got to see him draw BRENNIIIIII about fifteen minutes before they closed :OOOOOOO

He didn't speak English and I wasn't able to ask his translator if it's okay to post these, but I think it's alright since I'm posting them pretty low res. If you're ever at Gaia HQ for any reason (escorted by staff hopefully @-@) peek into my cube to see the full glorious versions on my wall!!

He made him so classic bishouuuuuunen and handsome <3 Since it was on a whim, the only ref I had on hand was the print from the Gaia artist cards, with an alternate outfit.

He even did a practice sketch before he started which looks awesome @w@ I had one of the other prints I bought behind it when I took this photo lol. I also wrote out the words for his neck tat on it when he asked what it said but I dunno if it was helpful D:

It was crazy amazing watching him draw these; his work was so confident and precise! I've doodled in ink before and I'm always like lolblah :P

Thank you Yokota-san!!


  1. Wow. That's kind of beyond awesome and right into 'did that really happen?!'.
    Congrats. They do look amazing~

  2. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. Wow, he really did a great job on Brenni. He looks hawt <3

  4. *foams at mouth* if i were there i would be terrified to be within 50 feet of him D: