Saturday, August 27, 2011


Character design of Mintaka, a character for animated items and the revamped Cash Shop on Gaia. She is one of the stars in Orion's constellations. We liked the name Bellatrix more, but sadly, Harry Potter has dibs on that for the next few decades.

Mintaka earlier in the process. Though I love drawing with a pencil and pen, I've found it faster to work digitally only.

She was introduced as a mystery character, hence the hood. I forgot if this one was finished and used.

One of her expressions used in the Cash Shop. It's fun to do expressions, they make the character feel more alive.

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  1. It's still a shame that the doll if Mintaka and Rigel didn't change like Brennevin's did. I'm still waiting for that.

  2. Aweserb! That was awesome and superb by the way. Creating adjectives fitting for that talent. :D buy aion accounts

  3. I second Sench's comment. IIRC, I think Rigel and Mintaka are the only NPC dolls that don't have extra poses. I always assumed that they would evolve with a storyline, but sadly they remain mystery dolls. While they probably can't fit in the main Gaia story, it would be nice of them to have some sort of side story since they are a permanent part of Gaia with the Cash Shop.

    In the end, I particularly like them with their hoods and wouldn't mind wearing their outfits one day.

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