Monday, August 17, 2009

August MC Artwork

I need to learn how to draw man's hands. All I have for reference are my little chubby femmy girl hands. Feh.

Also here's a whole bunch of figure sketches I did to try and decide what pose to do, because it was Friday afternoon and I was panicking. This brilliant process is why I don't generally show my presketchings and why I end up with shit like feet coming out of people's crotches.

Thanks to Ethe for the tips and textures!


  1. Whoa ~ I just realized that the MC art is a man ~ :0 <3

    Me likey ~ <3
    And I think the hands are fine since they match his build ~ X3

  2. ... So it was a man? I totally thought it was a woman.

    Besides the fact that it was a nitemare sash, the art was a real selling point to me. It was simply amazing! You did the cracked porcelain perfectly. It's a real work of art.

  3. ...Its a man? Really? Well if you say so.

    Either way, the art this month was GREAT! I knew it was you who drew it! :D

  4. but fememine hands are oh so nice~ who doesn't like a guy with pretty hands! XD I really like the pose you ended up choosing.

  5. It's an awful shame you didn't use the rainbow skin for this XD

    Ahem, I love it, in all his girly-man glory ^_^ Wonderful job.

  6. A foot coming out of a crotch would be a good item

  7. Love it! So dark and amazing. It has a certain glow to it, even though it's black. XP