Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dark Reflection Sketches

Why is no one else postiiiiiiiiing

Have some character sketches:

And you thought Nic looked suspicious AFTER I revised it. Btw thanks to Juno and Celesse for Moira/Sasha and Rina/Agatha, Ethe for Kanoko, and Derlaine for the main character artwork of Kanoko and Radio Jack <3

Also Orinkage:

ORAORAORINwait that's the wrong shonen manga


  1. Orin ish so smexeh now, hee hee ~ XD

    I really like Mr. Rufus ~ <3
    Nicu doesn't seem like he'd be a Father...and Female Liam scares me ~ @o@

  2. Orin is YOUTHFUL.

    Also, I love all the artwork for the dark reflections NPCs, but I'm especially fond of Ivan and Meredith and Father Nic and his... um... flock. Yeah, that's the word, flock. Though I, um, kind of want to keep Shiam and Gino, they make me giggle.

  3. Ethe @_@
    Reaper, you're quickly being gained on for favorite artist spot! Though...you draw Cressento, which makes it all better.

  4. I will post after I let this post stay on top for a while~~~~

    pester o_8 to post his XXX stuff!!

  5. Pardon me while I fall to my knees and dramatically shake my fists skyward as the new NPC dolls pop up worth millions XD I must be patient, but really, you guys make some of the coolest characters and I love seeing the sketch art.
    ...You shouldn't have edited Nicu to look less sneaky though XD It would amuse me if alternate Nicu was still a bit suspicious. Alternate Ian and Rufus were probably my favorites though.

  6. The art for this RIG was absolutely wonderful (as was the item itself)!

    I'm wondering though, were these NPCs pre-picked, or were more more of them drawn out in different forms and then the selection was made? If it was the latter of the two, I'm highly interested in what a swapped Ruby and Peyo look like. <3

  7. your jojo reference made me laugh hard XD and for some reason nic with children worries me... even bizzaro nicu still has ulterior motives in my head ._.

  8. DEAR LORD. Mister Rufus and Neko Ian turned out amazing!! ^.^

    I've fallen in love with them. Could we see more possible art of them? I'm going to start a petition for them to become official shopkeeps on Gaia. <3

    And yes, I agree. Why aren't more of you art staff members posting?! T_T

    The public yearns.... lol