Wednesday, February 24, 2010

02-2010 art dump

I probably should have compiled the pictures better, but I'm too lazy... so here's one long dump

all the stages compiled with frame work from pepper-tea and chibi monsters by reapersun:

Individual monsters illustrations:

I thought it will be cool to show you all the scale and ration of each characters =p

The concept design for Aquarium Cathulu, the fish is made by CrazysporkIam and KirbyUFO, they are so awesome!! @_@b
RIG Banner:

Compass of Seidh evo 1 concept:

special credits: for reapersun, juno, and pepper-tea for Cathulu, they asked me to make a cat + octopus legs, and from there Cathulu was born. C:


  1. Yyeeeeesss!!
    I've been checking here everyday for this pooost

    *saves everything*

  2. Aaw, no Fail pic? ;_; *wants moar Logan*

  3. The larger image for "The concept design for Aquarium Cathulu" doesn't show up. It makes me sad because the Cathulu is so awesome and I REALLY wanted to see the big version of that.

    Could you please update the post so the design concept for the Aquarium Cathulu shows up as more than just the thumbnail? Please? Pretty please? The cuteness compels meeee.... 0.o