Friday, February 19, 2010

Prince Enki's Magic Scroll Adventure

Sketch for Prince Enki; I used this pretty fish for reference for the tail shape and color patterns. Below I tried to draw a cute version and he came out kinda dumb looking...

Here's the comic without text, for your five dollar footlong enjoyment.

The fails for the monstarss; Ethe did the actual cool looking art and designs.Finallyyyy, I had fun rendering these mermaids for my Love Song item. I had intended to release that last month but couldn't make the deadline; by coincidence, the theme this month also suited it, so I finished it up.

This poem contains my favorite written lines @3@ But I won't tell you what they are >_@


  1. Thank you so much for the Prufrock item. I am overjoyed that this exists. It is one of my favorites (most of my favorite poems are Eliot, actually -_-;).

  2. The little monstars are so cute ~ >w< <3

  3. The only thing I have to complain about Enki is that sparkles-under-the-eyes thingie. He doesn’t have it in the last panel in the minicomic, and he looks so AMAZING there! All chibi and adorable and sexy! He looks too feminine in the other pictures for my tastes ((yes, I know that’s intentional)), but in that last panel…. *le kiss* PERFECTO! Nearly as amazing as Nicu is! <3

    Also, whoever invented Cathulu should have a statue of them erected somewhere!! CATHULU – THE SHMEX!!!!! <3

  4. Reaper, I've searched forever (In my mental banks 9 v9) and am still in awe of The Love Song, what is it based off of, if anything?