Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love Charm: Kaede

Hey sup doods. Here the art I did for the Love Charm.

I drew the ghost girl "Kaede." She was a lot of fun to draw- I guess that is why I drew her whole body even though it was totally unnecessary haha.

Emotion states:

Win screen:

Here is a bonus pic I drew in pchat yesterday, I tried to imitate a specific style, if you can guess from what, then I will be happy to know that I succeeded just enough lol. T^T;


  1. She is my absolute favorite of all the Love Charm NPCs. Thank you for the lovely art of her~ <3

  2. Awesome art~

    Did you try to imitate the Pop'n Music style? :D

  3. Looks to me like Scott Pilgrim.

    But I have been wrong before.

  4. Yuuhiko:
    Yus~ T^Tb Yay good to hear haha.
    If she had a stage, I figure her genre name would be "Spooky Enka" or "Gloomy Enka" haha XD/

  5. o_8: Yay!! Got it right! XD

    Hahaha, those stage names would totally suit her~

  6. These are amazing, Alex. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!