Friday, April 9, 2010

The Fishman's Wife

One of the backgrounds you can earn in Ocean Party~ ( hopefully I'm allowed to post this up here owo; )

aaand randomly...

some doodles of the Bogeyman, who I still enjoy drawing from time to time. (I guess because he's so simple. He'd be fun to fully animate one day.)



  1. what is she dreaming about? xD

  2. I think that's seafoam, sei, and not a thought.

    Also... I may have to use that awesome background as my wallpaper. But am I ready to part with Scott Pilgrim just yet?

  3. Leslie, I was hinting at Hokusai's 'The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife'. =)

  4. Oh, sorry. Something I'm unfamiliar with. ^o^U

  5. I just wanted to ask just that(if it was inspired on that particular woodcarving) o.O i do am familiar with it XD....not feeling very kid friendly do you? XD

  6. Thanks SO MUCH for posting this pic!! I've actually moved all my fish, then took screenshots to recreate this from my aquarium. But now that I have the ACTUAL picture...

    THANKS! ^w^