Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perfect Tragedy

Hope you guys enjoy the progress shots!

Here are some paintovers I did of Reapersun's William design when we were concepting his in-story look. (Reapersun wrote the notes) Reapersun says she likes the business suitey one because it looks "Lelouchy" lol. Thought you guys would enjoy that Code Geass shoutout :p


  1. i wish we got to know more about the story and concepts behind these CIGs than what we get on the actual gaia website...


    are those the witches from Macbeth?

    i heard that shakespeare never really wrote the "double double toil and trouble" part (that someone else did it for shakespeare). my past professor argues that their lines were too simple and not his style. XD

  2. I was wondering if you'll ever post the art used for this new and lovely rig, and I second quailbot, I want to know which books did you based the rig :O *can't buy gaia cash 'cause is in Mexico :(*

  3. Not sure if my last comment made it.

    Gorgeous work and detail.