Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Perfect Tragedy Artzzz

Some of my stuffs from Perfect Tragedy @o@

William, along with ganked Shakespeare reference.

Butterfly; every part of her design was borrowed from PRlSM and Milkbun's awesome items; I don't think I did them justice ;_;

Scene 2~

Scene 6~I hate fire

Encore/victory scene; I cheated so hard on the background. The crappy roses are blurred more in the final too.

P.S. The design for the "manly" collar of power falls squarely on ethe, so you guys just do not even start >:O


  1. Gah, I demand larger versions of the William and Butterly scenes for my desktop. DEMAND! NICELY!


  2. I have to second that request. :3

  3. woulb be nice if gaia make a Gallery for the MC and RIG art >A<

    awesome concept is AWESOMES
    good job to all the workers in this RIG :3

  4. lol! reapersun~~ i used the picture where they're in the forest as my desktop ;D xD

    luckily my computer did it without any crap mistakes ouo

  5. <3

    I love all the character designs you guys do~

    William is one of my favorites~ *w*