Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween wrap up!

Buncha stuff from Halloweeeen; omg I can work on Case now!! ...for about a week ;_; Let's see how much I can finish :O
Young Sentinel and Overseer...

The original sketches for Sentinel and Overseer; Jenzee did the final more awesome versions and color palettes...
The layouts for the whole storybook! This is the old text; I edited it a bit as we went along.
The artists were:
Cover (book): Jenzee
Page 1: Ethe
Page 2: Derlaine
Page 3: Pepper-tea
Page 4: o_8
Page 5: meee
Page 6: Jenzee
Page 1: Gem2niki
Page 2 top half: Juno
Page 2 bottom half: me again
Page 3: Jenzee
I liked the diversity of the storybook; it was a fun collab project :D

And finallllyyyyyyyywtf

I pitched this to Jenzee as our Christmas event! Bishies everywhere! And then Jen slapped me in the mouth and I blacked out... and when I woke up all the lights were out and everyone had gone home... Hnn.


  1. Well, let me say this:
    The only reason I joined the Overseer was 'cause he was a hot guy

  2. ROFL. Excellent sketch at the end haahaha

  3. Yaaay ~ bishiezzzez ~ >w< <3
    Jack and Santa are smexy together. :0
    I love the Young Overseer's design ~ o3o <3

    Good luck with the Case! >w< <3 <3 <3

  4. Bishounen Christmas sounds nice 8D

  5. I loved the epilogue. It gave me a great feeling now that the story has officially come to an end. But does that mean the Overseer will be gone from the aquariums forever? ;_;

  6. Bishie Christmas? OKAY! DO IT! The GCD will approve...well at least 3/4th of them.

  7. That sketch at the end is going to happen right?!

  8. Bishie Christmas makes my WEEK! XD You know you want to pretend that you have time and make us a nice KNOW you do!

  9. Are you kidding, Eudaemon? The GCD would have a collective aneurysm if the characters we'd grown to know and love were unexpectly replaced by even more redundant bishounen. Let's do something with the hundred-odd bishies we do have, and leave the appearances of our beloved holiday spirits as they are.

    Better yet, leave out the fanservice and give us some actual plot and character development that doesn't just amount to "naked people/gay people are funny". The Demonbusters epilogue was nice; can we have something like that without introducing half a dozen new characters?

  10. Pah. Bishounen are never redundant.

    And the GCD have a collective aneurysm over just about everything. It's what they're for.

  11. but but but bishies everywhere is a wonderful idea ;_; In fact, I would enjoy one for christmas, even if he was only wrapped in a bow n___n. *cough*nicolae*cough* ;)

  12. I think the bishies sound like a wonderful idea. You have my full support (if only)

  13. Sure, go for it with christmas. You'll just continue to remind me exactly why I stopped giving the site money! <3

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