Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi guys @A@; zOMG halloween stuff: vampires

This is my first post here, so forgive me if I end up breaking some blog etiquette ( like posting too many images at the same time haha...)
Most of my art is for zOMG! and since the game just had its year anniversary as well as its own Halloween event (which is still going on), I figure now would be a good time
to do some sort of zoomj dump here.

I'll start with the recent Halloween stuff, since a couple of people have asked about it-

The vampires:

Here are their animations in motion (hope this video stuff works @_@) :

Vampiress animations:

Vampire animations:

Ok, so that is probably a lot for one post for now. I'll put up the rest of the stuff soon. m(_)m


  1. Yay! I had a feeling it was you who did all the vampies ~ >w< <3
    Thanks for posting these! I was asking Qix all the time to release them before. XD <3

  2. Ooooh! I love the vampire/ss death animation.

    Ummm...if you created the Otami bird (not the toucans, but the red/green/white bird in Otami Ruins and Old Aqueduct) or if you know who did, it would be great if clean pics/animations of that were posted here.

  3. yaaaay alex posting!!! these are so hot, i already told you that :Ooooooo

  4. Amazing work!
    I have to admit I liked the werewolves better, but the vampires are great too.

  5. Damn things kept swarming and killing me. >_<

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