Monday, November 9, 2009

zOMG halloween stuff: werewolves and night frights

Ok here's some more stuff from the zomg! Halloween event- I didn't animate the werewolves, so I can't post those animations, but I did concept them, so I'll post the sketch of that~

Hehe, here's a Buster Wolf XD;

some of the concepts for the pup:

Here's some of the Night Fright stuff:

And here are some of the animations:

This is the concept for the Jackies item:


  1. Coolies ~ :D
    The Night Fright frightened me a little because it killed me once. XD

  2. These are so awesome XDDD My lazy self is happy to see them here so I don't have to go through zomg to see them :D

  3. Fun monsters. They were a delight to play with.