Monday, November 16, 2009

zOMG dump

Here's some more stuff from zOMG, mostly concepts for the monsters, and some stuff that was never used.

Monster concepts:

Here are some zOMG related illustrations:

The actual version on the Airshark itself is a bit different ( I like the one on the Airshark better I think XD )

Some of the loading screen art:

If I remeber right, this art was for some sort of ad banner...

Here is a wallpaper of two unused NPCs - Reapersun made a wallpaper with these same characters as well:

Here is another unused NPC- she's actually in the game's opening XD;

Oh, and I forgot to plug this last time, but some werewolf items that are unused at the moment or not made at all:


  1. Ooh, I love the fur boa and cape! I hope we get them in the future... I mean, it's just pixels, right? No one's going to get mad and start up a GETA organization and start attacking their fellow Gaians with spraypaint, are they...?

    Also, Sam's looking mighty fine there. No wonder Liam likes her so much!

  2. Ooooh ~ spiffy ~ o3o
    Thanks for posting all this art ~ <3

  3. God, o_8, I loooove, you style. The women, so curvy ~ w~...

    ...would it be alright if I use the Airshark Sam decal as my sig for a while?

  4. omg
    you always are amazing
    I luv all of youuu

  5. @the walls: row row fight tha powah, anyone?

  6. The sketch of how high Buzzkill is compared to Gaians totally makes me laugh (in a sort of twisted way). It's like, if it were to become an animation, that dotted line would be the path to where Buzzkill decapitates the Gaian. haha xD

  7. Alex, as always, your art is incredible, superb, and intoxicating. You're simply the best!!!